When players first arrive on the island

When players first arrive on the island, they will encounter Nomad and his imp familiar, Zimberfizz. Nomad will offer players a tour of the battlefield along with a short explanation, or a book that explains fighting in the Soul Wars.
When players feel they are ready to battle, enter one of the portals to the south of Nomad. The blue barrier will align the player with the Avatar of Creation; the red barrier will align the player with the Avatar of Destruction; and the green portal will attach the player to the team with the least players. You cannot get into a Soul Wars game with six minutes or lower remaining (six minutes in game and three minutes in lobby) no matter how early you went into the barrier.gw2 gold.

The barriers are entrances to the waiting rooms of each team. Each waiting room is a 10×9 rectangle with a torch on each corner. There is nothing to do in the waiting room, but some players are found advertising a Soul Wars clan, most doing it between games. After every minute that a player is inside a waiting room, the player’s priority is increased along with the message, “You now have a higher priority to enter a game of Soul Wars.” When a new game starts, a lot of players get in. Those with higher priority will get usually into the game first, but there is some luck involved and players without any priority may get in before those with priority. However, many will be left out. If players are keen to join in, they may wait; and once per minute, a few new soldiers with the highest priority will be added to the battle, provided the number of players on each team remains equal.

Players in the waiting rooms may try to trick others out in an attempt to increase their own chance of getting in the game. They do this with several ways: by manually typing untrue Quick Chat in, a player can lie that “The blue team’s avatar level is: 22.” when in reality the blue team is winning and the red team’s avatar is weaker; this may trick someone into joining the red team. Other ways involve pretending a famous player is in the other team, saying the door is stuck (to trick people into clicking it, leaving, and losing their priority), and telling everyone that someone outside the waiting room is lending a rare item (e.g. Dragon claws, Armadyl godsword) for a low price or free. Another way to do this is to do a “fake switch”. This is done by having a bunch of players walk up to the barrier, but not click it, while some players say “switch.” Other players might believe them and pass through the barrier. A protection prayer is often used in this method. This is the most common technique. gw2 gold.┬áThis kind of trickery may fool a few people, but rarely enough to make a noticeable difference. A “reeler” is someone who will actually leave the waiting room and runs to the other team. Several can be used for more believable switches.

Games last twenty minutes, with a minimum three-minute waiting period in between, so players may have to wait for the previous game to end before they can get in. 10 players per team are needed for the game to begin.

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