This is important to keep in mind when slotting upgrades

Sigils, runes, and jewels are upgrade components for weapons, armor, and accessories respectively. While raw upgrades dropped by many creatures or gathered from ore veins or trees can be directly slotted into any equipment with an upgrade slot, you’ll often find better overall bonuses by slotting upgrades intended for a specific type of gear. In the case of runes, using two or more matching runes will also grant a progressively better bonus the more of the same type you use across multiple armor slots.

Upgrades in this category carry a common thread in that they can be used to upgrade any item with an unused upgrade slot. Each type will also focus primarily on attributes vs. other types of combat effectiveness the way sigils do. This is important to keep in mind when slotting upgrades in your weapons. On the one hand sigils can provide direct benefits such as a +5% damage increase when that weapon is in your active set. On the other, non-sigil upgrades can further enhance your primary and secondary attributes to help boost specific aspects of your build.

Once you reach the mid and higher levels in the game, all creatures also have a chance of dropping more specific upgrades, such as minor or major runes and sigils. While you may be able to obtain some of the specific upgrades you’re looking for this way, it does tend to be very hit and miss, so not a very reliable source for upgrades at higher levels.

You’ll also occasionally be rewarded with an upgrade upon completion of different personal story quests, though these are few and far between. At best you may obtain something useful for your character, or at worst you’ll be able to sell them to other players (or save them for an appropriate alt) if you don’t gain something with attributes that fit your build or playstyle.

In this guide we’ll go over the different types of upgrades, how they are obtained, and provide some basic pointers for each type.

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