This is an interesting grouping of utility skills

As you can see, certain skill lines have far more associated traits than others with Minions having the most direct trait support, and Corruptions receiving the least. In some cases these numbers can be slightly misleading, since you have to consider the interactions of the skills beyond their associated skill line.

Using Corruptions as our example, it only has one trait that supports that skill line directly. However, you have to keep in mind that Corruptions skills are all focused on Conditions, so traits that improve condition damage or duration will also benefit any Corruptions skills.

Necromancer Skill Lines

Now let’s take a closer look at each individual skill line, its overarching theme and functionality, and how you might want to consider working skills from that line into your overall build.


This is an interesting grouping of utility skills in that it serves two core functions: inflicting conditions directly, and condition manipulation. It’s important to note that Corruptions skills will also cause a negative condition on the caster, but this is primarily to allow you greater opportunities to transfer those conditions to foes, or benefit more from the Consume Conditions healing skill.

With that in mind, if you plan on using Corruptions in your build, you’ll want to consider using the following weapons:

  • Staff – When triggered, Putrid Mark will transfer conditions from allies to nearby foes
  • ScepterFeast of Corruption will do more damage and generate more life force for each condition on your target
  • Dagger (off-hand)Deathly Swarm will transfer 3 conditions to your target on a successful attack
  • The traits listed are followed by an indication of which trait line they belong to, and the minimum number of points you’d need to spend to unlock it. The abbreviations used are as follows:
    • Spite – S
    • Curses – C
    • Death Magic – DM
    • Blood Magic – BM
    • Soul Reaping – SR
    Skill Line Skills Supporting Traits
    Corruptions Blood is Power
    Corrosive Poison Cloud
    Corrupt Boon
    Master of Corruption (C / 20)
    Marks Mark of Blood
    Putrid Mark
    Reaper’s Mark
    Marked for Death (Lich Form)
    Mark of Horror (Lich Form)
    Spiteful Marks (S / 20)
    Greater Marks (DM / 10)
    Soul Marks (BM / 20)
    Minions Summon Blood Fiend
    Summon Bone Fiend
    Summon Bone Minions
    Summon Flesh Wurm
    Summon Shadow Fiend
    Summon Flesh Golem
    Training of the Master (S / 20)
    Minion Master (DM / 10)
    Protection of the Horde (DM / 15)
    Flesh of the Master (DM / 20)
    Death Nova (DM / 30)
    Necromantic Corruption (DM / 30)
    Vampiric Master (BM / 20)
    Fetid Consumption (BM / 30)
    Signets Plague Signet
    Signet of Spite
    Signet of the Locust
    Signet of Undeath
    Signet Mastery (S / 10)
    Signet Power (S / 20)
    Spectral Spectral Armor
    Spectral Grasp
    Spectral Walk
    Spectral Wall
    Spectral Attunement (C / 20)
    Spectral Mastery (SR / 10)
    Wells Well of Blood
    Well of Corruption
    Well of Darkness
    Well of Power
    Well of Suffering
    Focused Rituals (C / 20)
    Ritual of Protection (DM / 10)
    Ritual Mastery (BM / 20)
    Vampiric Rituals (BM / 30)
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