There is a grand total of eight skill

Brisban Wildlands is the second zone that asura or sylvari players will adventure in, coming in from Metrica Province or Caledon Forest. This zone has a level range of 15 to 25 and its geography varies from bogs to lightly wooden plains to the underground city of the skritt. Overall, there is a grand total of eight skill challenges for the players to partake of.

The skill challenges found in Brisban will vary in nature as you traverse the map. Some skill challenges require a simple communion with an object, while others require combat against one or more tough opponents. Make sure that you’re an approximate level of the surrounding area if the skill challenge is a fight. Higher level players will find themselves actually breaking a sweat through Guild Wars 2’s dynamic leveling system as they are lowered to an approximate level to the zone.

Skill challenge locations are marked on your map. To see where they are located, open your map by hitting the [M] key.

The spectral line is a bit of an odd duck in that there is no real overarching theme between the skills, and each one will see very situational usage. You could possibly make a case for Spectral skills being about enhanced survivability, but then Spectral Grasp doesn’t really fit that particular mold.

Instead, you want to ask yourself, “What other aspects of my build do I want to enhance?”

  • Spectral Armor – Good for survivability and generating life force
  • Spectral Grasp – Great for dagger builds, and one of my favorite skills in WvW since you can use it to pull enemies into a swarm of your allies to prevent them from escaping or running into keeps to defend.
  • Spectral Walk – Works sort of like a reverse shadow step ability, and can be used for either mobility or a survivability mechanic
  • Spectral Wall – A good group support skill, but as a ‘wall’ it can be sidestepped by enemies far more easily than AoE skills


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