There does add some new content in the PVP mode

So, players have many things to do except continuously upgrade to the higher degree. There are awesome PvP mode, and WvW mode waiting for you when you are tired of the PvE mode. There is an enormous world in Guild Wars 2. Even if you join in the game for several months, you may not familiar with it very well because there are tons of secret things waiting for your discovery. What’s more, ArenaNet makes a continuous updating for the content. Just enjoy it!

Although PVE does not charge any, messes of players prefer to play PVP for its funny and its fighting mode. Fighting between human must more interesting and exciting than fighting between human and monsters. But what prevent players to rush into PVP battlefield is that there is a restriction – Charge.

There does add some new content in the PVP mode, and there does provide a series of awards to the winner of the combat, so the result various from different players that whether it is appropriate to charge fee for the exclusive PVP mode during the period of Halloween around.

Let’s get known about the construction of the WvW at first. WvW mode consists of multi-Guilds. There are altogether twenty-four guilds in NA Server, and twenty-seven guilds in EU Server. Players who do not sturdily belong to some guild always transfer to the more outstanding guild, especially those super-star guilds, such as SBI and JQ in US Server. But that cause a problem, that is, great number of population rush to few outstanding guilds lead to a personal chaos. That messed up the whole environment of the guild, in the eyes of some guild members. That is the primary cause why ArenaNet limit the guild-transfer rate to only once a week.

To new member of Guild Wars II, maybe WvW is unfamiliar to them because they often stay PvE system, and more familiar with it, while not the WvW mode. But it is totally contrary to the seasoned masters who prefer to join one guild to fight with mass of population in WvW mode. I mentioned in the previous post that the WvW can contain up to 2000 population in a time. Basically, that is one of the main factors to lure players to choose it.

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