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It seems that no matter whether you join in SPVP or WVW in Guild Wars 2, you should be well prepared before the fight begins. You could spend some Guild Wars 2 Gold or silver to armed yourself to teeth. Because you can only obtain bonus after the fight conclusion, while during the process of match, you should not count on dropping loot to equip yourself. The new changes of SPVP will published in the later updates after January. What a big surprising could ArenaNet bring to us, let’s wait and see!

Among so many changes in GW2 SPVP, the most popular should be the Custom SPVP Settings. Custom SPVP Settings, just as its name suggests, is an SPVP setted by players’ will. Players have the initiative right to create map, server, tournament and so on. To those sincere SPVP fans, maybe a majority of them are eager for creating a unique and tailored SPVP for themselves. And to those new comers of SPVP, maybe they are curious about the creative Custom SPVP Settings, and would like to have a try. What’s moe, players are able to establish the unique SPVP to invite several friends to get familiar to the environment at first, and make full preparation to participate in the official competition.

Besides this, there is always another settings, that is, One Team VS Other Team. There are altogether eight members in each team. This is a fighting mode, similar to tournament. But it is also different from tournament, for example, it is much easier than tournament and the lasting time is much shorter than tournament, correspondingly, the bonus is much less than tournament. If you dare to participate in tournament, you can participate in this sort of match – certain bonus, quick and easy.

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