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The Bloodtide Coast is located

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to bloodtide coast

The Bloodtide Coast is located just south of Lion’s Arch and has a level range of 45 to 55. There are a total of six skill challenges located within the Bloodtide Coast and these skill challenges have a variety of ways to complete them. Some skill challenges are successfully completed by interaction (called communion) with an object, whilst other skill challenges require a challenging, brutal fight to gain the precious additional skill point. One skill challenge on the Bloodtide Coast is actually a mini-game of target practice for the player to complete.

Skill challenge locations are marked on your map. To see where they are located, open your map by hitting the [M] key.

GW2 Trait System Guide

Traits are one of the ways you will be able to continue improving your character as you level, and customize your build to suit your combat style. In this guide we’ll explain how the trait system works, the direct impact traits will have on your attributes, and how traits factor into your overall character build.

As part of the natural level progression of your character in PvE and World-versus-World (WvW), you will unlock access to the trait system once you reach level 11. From this point on you will gain 1 additional trait point each time you level, for a total of 70 trait points by the time you reach level 80. If you’re stepping directly into the Mists for structured PvP (sPvP) – regardless of your character level – you will automatically be scaled up to level 80, so all 70 trait points will be available to use.

Traits serve a couple of very important functions for your character:

  1. Each point spent will improve 2 of your Attributes, thereby improving your effectiveness in combat
  2. Traits will also improve or enhance different skill lines, weapon sets, profession mechanics, or combat actions, allowing you a certain amount of flexibility in how your build functions
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