Skills That Grant Stealth

Skills and Traits That Grant Stealth

There are quite a number of skills and traits that impact stealth for a thief in Guild Wars 2. Some of these skills and traits grant stealth, while others impact the duration of stealth or add other additional benefits.

Skills That Grant Stealth
Blinding Powder Utility skill that blinds foes and grants stealth to nearby allies for 3 seconds
Cloak and Dagger Weapon skill that grants 3 seconds of stealth
Hide in Shadows Healing skill that grants 3 seconds of stealth
Shadow Refuge Utility skill that applies stealth and healing to nearby allies every second for 3 seconds
Shadow Trap Utility skill that applies stealth for 5 seconds when trap is triggered
Smoke Bomb Downed skill that applies 2 seconds of stealth
Thief's Guide to Stealth in Guild Wars 2

Stealth is one of the thief’s most powerful tools in Guild Wars 2, allowing them to strike from the shadows or to run away if the fight isn’t going in their favor. Stealth allows the thief to be invisible to enemy players in PvP and enemy creatures in PvE. While in stealth, the thief cannot be targeted but can be hit by AoE attacks. The thief will appear as an outline to allies while in stealth.

Stealth is the thief’s friend in Guild Wars 2, allowing them to approach enemies undetected, mount special attacks, and to maneuver around their foes. Stealth is broken when the character attacks. Once the thief is out of stealth, he is unable to re-enter stealth for a few seconds.

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