The trait lines for the necromancer

Out of all the Phantasms, the Berserker is probably my favourite. ┬áNot only does it deal large damage (though a little less than the Warlock) it also provides good area of effect damage and will cripple its targets. What really makes the Phantasm shine is the fact that it will appear right next to your […]

Necromancer Themes and Combat Roles

Necromancer Trait Lines Upon reaching level 11, you will begin earning Trait Points (1 per level for a total of 70 at level 80) that can be spent in any of the five available Trait Lines. Each point spent will increase 2 primary or secondary attributes, with every 5 points spent unlocking either a Minor […]

Necromancer Quick Facts

As noted above, there are a number of different traits that can greatly enhance life force gain and death shroud. The key trait line to pay attention to is Soul Reaping – not only does it contain a sizable number of traits specific to life force and death shroud, but spending points in that line […]

Ranger Themes and Combat Roles

To see a complete list of the ranger pets currently available, be sure to check out The Complete Ranger Pet Guide Portal. From there you can view a mini-guide for each pet species with full skill descriptions, locations for where to charm them in-game, and any additional notes for each specific pet. The ranger in […]

complete listing of the animals

Stealing One of the unique profession mechanics for the thief is their ability to steal from an opponent, be they wandering creature of other player in PvP. Stealing allows the thief to shadow step up to the foe and steal something off them. Normally, this item is a weapon, but can take the form of […]

Thief Weapon Sets

Thief Weapon Sets Starting at level 7, the thief is able to equip two unique weapon sets. These can be actively swapped by pressing the [`] key at any time out-of-combat, though there will be a short cooldown after swapping weapon sets during combat before you will be able to swap back again. For more […]

Stealth skills are weapon skills

A good thief knows when to fight and when to run. Stealth Weapon Skills Stealth skills are weapon skills that replace a normal attack for a weapon with a new skill while the thief is in stealth. The stealth skill is determined by the weapons equipped and replace the first skill slot on the hotbar. […]

Skills That Grant Stealth

Skills and Traits That Grant Stealth There are quite a number of skills and traits that impact stealth for a thief in Guild Wars 2. Some of these skills and traits grant stealth, while others impact the duration of stealth or add other additional benefits. Skills That Grant Stealth Blinding Powder Utility skill that blinds […]