Factor Team Support into Your Build

Monitor Boons and Conditions, and React Accordingly At the start of any given boss fight, the first thing you’ll want to take note of are any specific boons they might have active. For example, many will have a stacking boon that negates the effectiveness of any crowd control skills used against them, but those stacks […]

A thief starts out with a base amount

Traits Starting at level 11, players can begin to spend points on the various trait lines. A thief has a total of five trait lines to pick from. For more information on traits, read our handy guide. Below are the various traits that will impact your initiative. Critical Strikes Opportunist – Minor trait – 10% […]

The trait lines for the ranger

Once you’ve found a juvenile animal you would like to tame, simply walk up to it and interact with it by pressing the [F] key. This will bring up a window that tells you a little bit about that particular pet, and also gives you the option to equip your new pet at that point […]

Unlike the necromancer

Bear in mind that these are not hard rules to follow, but rather a more general thing to be conscious of while getting a feel for which combat style – melee vs. ranged – you prefer the most. Rangers are also capable of providing plenty of group support through traps and spirits, and excel in […]

The thief is a great solo profession

The weapons that thieves can equip along with their associated skills can be seen in-game by opening the Hero window [H] and selecting the Skills and Traits tab on the left. We’ve also included a list of available weapons for the thieves below: Main Hand Off-Hand Two-Handed Aquatic Sword Dagger Shortbow Harpoon Gun Dagger Pistol […]

Last but not least is Gem Trading

Last but not least is Gem Trading.  Through the Currency Exchange window you can trade gold for gems or gems for gold based on the current market price.  The Currency Exchange window will also display recent gem sale prices, the average price as well as the highest and lowest over a period of time.  For […]

Needing some materials to craft with

Once you’ve chosen a crafting discipline, you can immediately begin crafting provided you have the necessary components. To do so, walk up to the appropriate crafting station and interact with it using the default [F] key. This will bring up the main crafting window which has a number of different tabs and interactions. We’ll take […]

With 25 needed for the entire team

There are currently a total of 2 tournament types available, but with the intention of expanding this to yearly and player run version.  In addition, through pickup tournament reward chests you can obtain tournament tickets.  Each participant will need 5 tournament tickets to enter, with 25 needed for the entire team.  A party leader can […]

Boon Duration and Attunement Recharge Rate

Water is a support trait line and nothing else. Healing increases the health restored from your healing abilities and vitality increases your health. For vitality, 30 points will take you from 17,245 health to 20,245 or 3,000 extra health. That’s a few additional hits before you’re downed. For healing, Dagger 5, Cleansing Wave, will heal […]