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Traits can modify some of the skills

Traits are one of the ways you will be able to continue improving your character as you level, and customize your build to suit your combat style. In this guide we’ll explain how the trait system works, the direct impact traits will have on your attributes, and how traits factor into your overall character build. […]

The Bloodtide Coast is located

The Bloodtide Coast is located just south of Lion’s Arch and has a level range of 45 to 55. There are a total of six skill challenges located within the Bloodtide Coast and these skill challenges have a variety of ways to complete them. Some skill challenges are successfully completed by interaction (called communion) with […]

Dungeon Survival Guide

Speaking of enemies, you’ll also want to be careful that you don’t accidentally spawn too many mobs for your group to handle at once. Using Catacombs as our example again, be sure to watch for blue mist rising from the ground. Each patch can spawn veteran ghosts and if you’re not careful in some areas […]

Complete Vista Guide to Hoelbrak

Now you have a complete guide to the vistas in Hoelbrak, fellow adventurers. Most of the vistas are relatively easy to get to, with the one located between the Snow Leopard Lodge and the Raven Lodge as the most difficult one to reach. Overall, vistas are a cool part of Guild Wars 2 that has […]

The trait lines for the necromancer

Out of all the Phantasms, the Berserker is probably my favourite.  Not only does it deal large damage (though a little less than the Warlock) it also provides good area of effect damage and will cripple its targets. What really makes the Phantasm shine is the fact that it will appear right next to your […]

Necromancer Themes and Combat Roles

Necromancer Trait Lines Upon reaching level 11, you will begin earning Trait Points (1 per level for a total of 70 at level 80) that can be spent in any of the five available Trait Lines. Each point spent will increase 2 primary or secondary attributes, with every 5 points spent unlocking either a Minor […]