October 2013

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Guild Wars 2 Team Structure

What Are Squads? Squads are our solution to some of the communication difficulty we experienced early on in WvW. Good communication is an inextricable part of excelling on the battlefield, and our existing channels weren’t quite meeting our needs. Team chat was too large because everyone in the entire map could talk in it, resulting […]

Guild Wars 2,The Sylvari

Growth Path Of New Players to Guild Wars 2 Sylvari are not born. They awaken beneath the Pale Tree with knowledge gleaned in their pre-life Dream. These noble beings travel, seeking adventure and pursuing quests. They struggle to balance curiosity with duty, eagerness with chivalry, and warfare with honor. Magic and mystery entwine to shape the future […]

Guild Wars 2 Races and Classes

Overview Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the immensely popular game Guild Wars, which was one of the first massively-multiplayer online games (MMO) to feature no subscription service. Guild Wars 2 continues the trend and will not require players to spend any money after they’ve purchased the core game, though it is expected that […]

About Guild Wars 2, The Combustion Will!

Guild Wars 2 redefines massively multiplayer online roleplaying games with visceral, action-orientated combat; a gorgeous, living world full of constantly evolving dynamic events; customisable personal storylines that are unique to each player; intense Player vs. Player combat between small teams or massive armies; and most importantly, a shared online world where players work together as […]

Guild War 2 Professions Guide,Elementalist

The elementalist is skilled at mid and long ranged combat, using the elements to their advantage to decimate their foes and help their allies. While having no “true” role, the majority of elementalist skills focus on raw damage (fire), burst/spike (air), control and conditions (earth), defense / support (water), and utility (arcana). Those are generalizations, […]

Guild War 2 Professions,Ranger

The ranger in Guild Wars 2 excels at both melee and ranged combat, and is the game’s only true pet class. Rangers also make effective use of a suite of Traps that are capable of crippling foes, or spreading various Conditions to further augment the damage caused by their core weapon attacks. Ranger Quick Facts […]