February 2013

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When players first arrive on the island

When players first arrive on the island, they will encounter Nomad and his imp familiar, Zimberfizz. Nomad will offer players a tour of the battlefield along with a short explanation, or a book that explains fighting in the Soul Wars. When players feel they are ready to battle, enter one of the portals to the […]

Asura’s society around Crewe organized

Asura’s society around Crewe organized, Crewe is a loose organization of several competing. Asura rely on to compete with each other and prosperity. Each Asura superb IQ and self-confidence Asura guarantee complete their own research. Although they have been very successful, but the Asura still their own ambitions and internal struggle threatened.GW2 Gold. However, of […]

What is a living story in Guild Wars 2

Living story team work is to inject vitality of the entire world.Based on a sustainable development of the world, we will publish a series of story lines, these stories will bring you a new role of the hero, the mysterious storyline and dramatic moments to influence the world. You will find a new dynamic event, […]

Suggestions to Make Types of Armor

This is the overview of basic, honest, Ante has done an excellent job with CP being self explanatory when it comes to craft so I’m not going too deeply about it. In experience, armor pieces craft was the fastest way to bump level of CP with GW2 Gold. The combination of elements is to do […]