December 2012

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Guild Wars 2 will add a whole new dialogue system

Gambling is a booming business. Historicallyin the past in the event you thought of gambling you thought of young children packing arcades to enjoy the latest game with their friends. Times have definitely changed and have made gambling more convenient than ever. More dynamic world. Many online games today to try to add dynamic world […]

As crazy fans of Guild Wars 2

As crazy fans of Guild Wars 2, none of them are willing to miss any outstanding scene. Actually, ArenaNet has taken this concern into account, and the one-time event of Lost Shore will last for two days. No matter which time zone players stand, they can take adventure in this event at least one day. […]

Got added to the Guild Wars 2 support page

Well, understanding over the Wintersday, let’s look back the Lost Coast and Halloween. Lost Coast cause a unprecedented change to Tyria continent of Tyria.The new map – The Temple of the Silent Storm,a bate PVP map, brings PVP Championship tickets and honor as bonus, and it also adds to a new function to score, and […]

Guild Wars 2 Players can do the old-fashioned way

Of course, those pesky developers is at it again give me more content, even after my highest skills only 40 mark hovering in the. This time, it Runespan, a whole new area to help provide them with one-stop service, casual players and non-competition than normal runecraft experience level runecrafting. In First, Runespan is a special […]

Get the best Guild Wars 2 gold Guide

As being a World of Warcraft adventurer personally, I\’ve been looking for the best Guild Wars 2 gold Guide to get exactly what precious metal can buy. With the launch of Fury of the Lich King, the new growth pack for the sport, new demands have arrived to view, such as having a three seats massive […]